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  1. 1900-Proclamation of Commonwealth of Australia as Federal Union of the Six Colonies.
  2. The denominations issued prior to 1973 used " Commonwealth of Australia ".
  3. 1900-Commonwealth of Australia is constituted by an act of the Imperial Parliament.
  4. Parkes proposed the name of Commonwealth of Australia for the new nation.
  5. Territories that took advantage of the authorisation include Canada, Commonwealth of Australia.
  6. :"'This photograph is held under Crown copyright by the Commonwealth of Australia.
  7. Laura and I are honored to be in the Commonwealth of Australia.
  8. Western Australia was the most reluctant participant in the Commonwealth of Australia.
  9. In 1901 it became a state of the new Commonwealth of Australia.
  10. Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO, Administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia.
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