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  1. To wait or not-common dilemma among investors
  2. It seems lawmakers came up with the easiest, most logical answer to a common dilemma.
  3. Everywhere in Africa moral and humanitarian decisions are a common dilemma, with money the deciding factor.
  4. Their common dilemma : How to maintain their identity as African-Americans within their Roman Catholic faith.
  5. Here, from the Internet, is probably the most common dilemma that any untrained, novice woodworker faces:
  6. But there are problems : A common dilemma at many companies is an " efficiency mentality ."
  7. Experimental studies on commons dilemmas show that overharvesting groups are more willing to appoint a leader to look after the common resource.
  8. This is a common dilemma for local phone companies these days, even ( or especially ) for giants like Bell Atlantic and SBC Communications.
  9. Nations and corporations are dealing in vastly different ways with a common dilemma : How to improve the quality of life, yet stay competitive?
  10. But they share a common dilemma-- how to fund favored programs while living up to mutual promises to put the Social Security surplus off-limits.
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