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  1. She, consequently, refused to sign off the 2001 European Commission accounts.
  2. Most prefer the customary commission account.
  3. Whether Striver likes it or not, the 9 / 11 commission account is the verified factual account until or unless proven otherwise.
  4. The client's only regular involvement is to receive a statement of trading activity and results, although some also have a regular commission account for hands-on transactions.
  5. From the late 1930s to the mid 1950s, he developed a series of unpublished essays called " The Parabiographies " that were commission-by-commission accounts of experiences during his architectural practice.
  6. The scheme started when Jacques Pate, managing director of the French aviation company Aviafrance, gave Cowie a bigger share of Aviafrance's insurance business on condition that Cowie set up a secret commission account that was used to funnel money to Pate, Lloyd's said.
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