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  1. A charcoal furnace ( a sheet-steel tray in which the combustion tube was laid ) was used for the combustion.
  2. These revisions were the flushing of the combustion tube with carbon dioxide and the addition of potassium hydroxide in the pneumatic trough.
  3. The heater requires routine maintenance, such as regular inspection of the combustion tube, and replacement of the igniter at periodic intervals.
  4. Flushing with carbon dioxide eliminated the nitrogen present in the air that previously occupied the combustion tube, eliminating the need for correction due to nitrogen in the air.
  5. The engine in the Deguingand 5CV was unusual in that the four cylinders operated in just two combustion chambers, the pistons being placed in pairs, one at each end of a shared combustion tube.
  6. Oxidation of the sample is complete after injection into the furnace, turning oxidizable material in the sample into salt content of the samples do not combust, and so therefore, gradually build a residue inside the combustion tube eventually clogging the catalyst resulting in poor peak shapes, and degraded accuracy or precision, unless appropriate maintenance procedures are followed.
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