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  1. The RZM office defined design, manufacturing and quality standards, and published an authoritative colour chart for textiles.
  2. A colour chart is used for this purpose in many contexts such as chemistry, cosmetics, medical testing and photography.
  3. Two colour charts are provided that correspond to the reactions that occur with hemoglobinuria, myoglobinuria and hematuria ( RBCs ).
  4. The novel begins with Saffron searching through the colour chart pinned up in her house, looking for her name, Saffron.
  5. He is widely known for the Michel-L�vy interference colour chart, which defines the interference colors from different orders of birefringence.
  6. He established a paint and colour service office at the factory and developed a paint-mixing system known as the Joker colour chart.
  7. I suppose you could somehow use a very dilute version of the starch and match the resulting colour to some kind of a colour chart.
  8. *To be clear, whether or not mood rings are a pseudoscience has nothing to do with whether or not a colour chart should be included.
  9. Guilding was an excellent artist and engraver and he produced a " Table of Colours Arranged for Naturalists " in 1825 which may have been the first biological colour chart.
  10. The inner leaves shall be in the shape of a cross with equal arms of blue enamel ( Group 100D of the same colour chart ) lined externally with gold 1mm thick.
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