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  1. The comic had 32 pages and included a full colour centre spread.
  2. This provided more evidence to the existence of the colour centre outside of the primary visual cortex.
  3. This was a pocket format title, which featured a colour centre spread by the illustrator George Davies.
  4. The first full colour centre spread was a Beard photograph of Jimi Hendrix taken at The Monterey Pop Festival.
  5. Recent findings have shown that the colour centre is neither isolated nor traceable to a single area in the visual cortex.
  6. Anatomical and physiological studies have established that the colour centre begins in V1 and sends signals to extrastriate areas V2 and V4 for further processing.
  7. The variance in symptoms emphasizes the need to understand the architecture of the colour centre in order to better diagnose and possible treat cerebral achromotopsia.
  8. Colour centre spreads with hallmark maps and tables showing the location of 150 visitor attractions in North Wales, sponsored by First North Western trains.
  9. The story saw Dredd moved to the colour centre pages for the first time while " Dan Dare " was given the front page.
  10. One of the primary initiatives to locating the colour centre in the visual cortex is to discover the cause and a possible treatment of cerebral achromatopsia.
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