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  1. Certain types of light can cause film and digital cameras to have a colour cast.
  2. However, the images of the pages show a variety of colour casts, which is irritating and distracting.
  3. Illuminating a subject with light sources of different colour temperatures will usually cause colour cast problems in the shadows.
  4. Colour casts can also occur in old photographs due to fading of dyes, particularly under the action of ultra violet light.
  5. So I physically switched screens and plugged in a Viewsonic that I use on my other PC . The colour cast was still there.
  6. But since the Viewsonic showed perfect colour before I unhooked it, but'inherited'the colour cast, that suggested that my problem was with the monitor driver / software.
  7. *Just to touch on the question about photoshopping stuff out of pictures-the impression I've gotten on that page is that photoshopping to remove defects ( correcting colour cast, removing dust specks, etc ) is generally okay, but actually altering the portrayed object is not.
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