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  1. :: : You're completely wrong about the colour burst.
  2. Therefore, each coloured pixel is generated combining the precise time that each pixel is kept open for each colour burst.
  3. After the colour burst comes the luminance for the line, which comes at a much slower pace than the colour bust.
  4. Firstly, the colour reference timing signal, known as the " colour burst, " is absent from telerecordings, as it is nominally off the edge of the visible screen area being recorded.
  5. If you take a colour TV and ignore the color ( ie . the colour burst ) the picture is EXACTLY the same as a black and white TV . This has nothing to do with what the original poster was asking however.
  6. If you plug a test card into a B & W TV and I plug one into a colour TV and turn the colour burst off, you will not see any difference'due to abrupt change in colour'--Dacium 05 : 34, 16 November 2007 ( UTC)
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