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  1. He said he had colon cancer and now has a colostomy bag.
  2. For now, though, he is limping on crutches and using a colostomy bag.
  3. There's no sex appeal if you use a colostomy bag ".
  4. A rape at age 7 left her with a fistula and subsequent colostomy bag.
  5. He requires a catheter and a colostomy bag.
  6. He wore a colostomy bag for a year afterward and underwent months of grueling physical therapy.
  7. Beltre went two months without eating solid food, wore a colostomy bag and lost 30 pounds.
  8. During on-the-job training taught by Dr . Olson, interns brave blood, vomit and exploding colostomy bags.
  9. The scanners can also detect other medical equipment normally hidden, such as colostomy bags and catheters.
  10. Two openings at the front of the bucket create space for the colostomy bag and the ileal conduit.
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