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  1. His innovative techniques allow patients to avoid the need for colostomies.
  2. But the University of Pennsylvania surgeon did the operation without a colostomy.
  3. He said he had colon cancer and now has a colostomy bag.
  4. The difficulty with surgery has been the necessity of removing the colostomies.
  5. The procedure leaves the person with a permanent colostomy and urinary diversion.
  6. A permanent colostomy may be necessary in the case of imperforate anus.
  7. In 1969, he underwent a major surgery and got a colostomy.
  8. Racism, alcoholism, colostomy bag, Page 24.
  9. That verse inspired her mother, even after she recovered from a colostomy.
  10. Do we risk heart surgery, colostomy, chemotherapy?
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