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  1. Distances along any radius from the origin are proportional to colorimetric purity.
  2. Silica is measured on side stream samples with colorimetric analyzers.
  3. Some methods for quantification of total polyphenol content are based on colorimetric measurements.
  4. CIE 1931 Standard Colorimetric Observer functions used to map blackbody spectra to XYZ coordinates
  5. Other tests use colorimetric changes to determine the concentration of the chemical in question.
  6. The compound has been used as a reagent for the colorimetric detection of aldehydes.
  7. As with all colorimetric methods blanks are used to control for contamination by outside material.
  8. The NBT / BCIP reaction is also used for colorimetric / activity assays of oxidoreductases.
  9. Acidification of the organic phase yields rubrocyanine, which can be detected by colorimetric methods.
  10. Total plasma ADA can be measured using high performance liquid chromatography or enzymatic or colorimetric techniques.
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