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  1. Geometric or iconographic representations have traditionally been archaeological categories associated with modern human behaviour and cognitive complexity.
  2. Computational cognitive models of exploratory search have been developed to capture the cognitive complexities involved in exploratory search.
  3. So social intelligence was a critical factor in brain growth, social and cognitive complexity co-evolve.
  4. The social cognitive complexity of numerous species, including dogs, have recently been explored in experimental studies.
  5. The difference in cognitive complexity between high and low status individuals could contribute to the differences between male and female SDO.
  6. For successfully developing a semantic measure of cognitive complexity predictive of foreign policy decisions and for applying psychological analysis and knowledge to nuclear policy problems.
  7. A high level of intellect leads to Cognitive complexity thereby perception of greater task complexity and the leader views many alternative solutions, resulting in greater stress.
  8. The authors established three components of cross-cultural competence, which include knowledge and cognition, cultural awareness, cross-cultural schema and cognitive complexity.
  9. In addition, Kegan now distinguishes between " orders of consciousness " ( cognitive complexity ) and " styles " ( stylistic diversity ).
  10. Differentiation and integration are influenced by personality variables ( level of aspiration, job involvement, cognitive complexity ) and organizational experience ( position in hierarchy, work experience ).
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