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  1. Behavioural activation emerged from a component analysis of cognitive behaviour therapy.
  2. Research in the study of brain function can also be applied to cognitive behaviour therapy.
  3. Cognitive behaviour therapy is used to improve coping skills, stress management, and sexual attitudes.
  4. Marks has promoted the use of cognitive behaviour therapy as an effective clinical approach to smoking cessation.
  5. The anxiety and depressive mental disorders are conventionally treated with medication or face to face cognitive behaviour therapy.
  6. The aim of the RCT is to compare an approach using motivational interviewing, cognitive behaviour therapy, and the stages of change model compared with standard treatment.
  7. Romme, colleagues and other researchers find that people who hear voices can be helped using methods such as voice dialoguing cognitive behaviour therapy ( CBT ) and self-help methods.
  8. Van Deurzen's experience convinced her that a much more sensitive therapeutic approach was required, neither based in psychoanalysis, nor based in cognitive behaviour therapy, though she valued elements of both.
  9. There is a considerable research literature on the provision of computerized, i . e . preprogrammed, cognitive behaviour therapy delivered over the internet, with or without clinician support, to patients with anxiety and depressive disorders.
  10. Examples of cognitive behaviour therapies that involve verbal cognition, requiring left hemisphere activity in the brain, include self-instructional training Both of these therapy techniques focus on patients'internal self-statements, requiring them to use vocal cognition.
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