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  1. Of this total, 90 were sunk by Coastal Command, and 51 damaged.
  2. Trained with RAF Coastal Command using B-24 Liberators in aerial antisubmarine tactics.
  3. Liberators were also used as anti-submarine patrol aircraft by RAF Coastal Command.
  4. Notably, he was appointed Air Officer Commanding Coastal Command in September 1936.
  5. XIV was ultimately never used by Coastal Command in the anti-shipping role.
  6. Opened in 1941 as RAF Ballykelly as a RAF Coastal Command base.
  7. Three Lockheed Hudsons of Coastal Command conducted a patrol at three positions.
  8. From 1943, Mosquitos with RAF Coastal Command strike squadrons attacked " Kriegsmarine"
  9. In all, 10, 663 persons were rescued by Coastal Command in ASR operations.
  10. Coastal Command had priority on deliveries and only small numbers reached Bomber Command.
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