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  1. Unfortunately the Ciborium was damaged in 1562 by Wars of Religion.
  2. Before dying, he placed the ciborium before strength left him.
  3. The Ciborium ( 1471 ) was completed by Mino da Fiesole.
  4. The ciborium is supported by four massive red granite columns.
  5. The ciborium was hexagonal and made of wood and silver.
  6. Veils or curtains were attached to the columns which supported the ciborium.
  7. The ciborium ought to be at least seven inches high.
  8. The ciborium is ancient, dating to the late 11th-century.
  9. The presbytery interior is roofed by a sculpted 12th-century ciborium.
  10. The ciborium seems to have been a symbolic tomb.
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