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  1. The 5 % local match came from BLI Passenger Facility Charge accounts.
  2. Most important, it offered credit, usually in the form of charge accounts.
  3. You can enjoy it without a charge account at the pet shop.
  4. "Didn't you have charge accounts at every store in San Francisco ?"
  5. Around 325, 000 customers held Emporium charge accounts at that time.
  6. In a charmingly old-fashioned vein, customers have numbered personal charge accounts.
  7. Access charges account for $ 2.3 billion of NYNEX's $ 13.4 billion in revenue.
  8. To prevent fraud, as is customary, her charge accounts were canceled when she died.
  9. Stores that used to offer layaway plans now strong-arm customers into opening charge accounts.
  10. Wasn't any time at all before I opened up a charge account for him.
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