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  1. The Cardiology department of the First Affiliated Hospital was founded in 1958.
  2. The hospital's cardiology department had maintained four labs under his direction.
  3. Doctors said he was feeling better and had been transferred to the cardiology department.
  4. Levy, 59, was taken to Haemek's cardiology department late Tuesday after complaining of chest pains.
  5. He is also director of the Preventive cardiology department.
  6. In 2011, Ng started working in the Cardiology Department at Kaiser Permanente in Richmond, California.
  7. The Cardiology department has echocardiography and computerized treadmill electrocardiography ( ECG ) alongside other facilities.
  8. While Mount Sinai already has a renowned cardiology department, the hospital wants to expand cardiothoracic surgery.
  9. After the war he returned to the London Hospital, becoming consultant and head of the cardiology department.
  10. The hospital's 32-bed Cardiology Department expanded its services in August 2005 when the hospital began offering emergency angioplasty.
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