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  1. Somewhere along the way I started trying to tune a carburetor.
  2. The plate is placed in between the intake manifold and carburetor.
  3. I changed the oil and filter, and replaced the carburetor.
  4. The carburetors, it seemed, still needed a little adjusting.
  5. The Bendix system is a direct descendant of the pressure carburetor.
  6. The addition of dual carburetors in 1937 did not revive interest.
  7. With a two-barrel carburetor, it was rated and.
  8. Later that year the Sentra also received an electronically controlled carburetor.
  9. A carburetor is used to provide the air-fuel mixture.
  10. Power output with a 4 barrel carburetor was with of torque.
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