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  1. In 1924 he founded the journal " Revue g�n�ral du Caoutchouc ".
  2. Departments in the times of the caoutchouc-boom.
  3. Uruguay buys caoutchouc and sells commodities, especially maize.
  4. Then the vessel ran to Singapore to load caoutchouc.
  5. The exposition also introduced the use of caoutchouc for rubber production and the Bessemer process for steel manufacture.
  6. One of his most interesting pieces of work was an investigation into the properties of natural rubber or Caoutchouc.
  7. Trelleborg also announced it bought Caoutchouc Manufacture et Plastiques de Palport SA, or CMPP, a French maker of rubber industrial tubes and rubber sheeting.
  8. Until that time the material was known as " gum elastic " or by its Native American name ( via French ) " caoutchouc ".
  9. In 1857 Hancock published the story of his life's work as " The Origin and Progress of the Caoutchouc or India-Rubber Industry in England ".
  10. A new dance craze, the " caoutchouc ", has hit town, and Roland Bleke quickly falls for the potent charms of its principal proponent, Maraquita.
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