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  1. The Cantonment board consists of 16 members including 8 elected members.
  2. Its civic facilities are managed by Sialkot Cantonment Board.
  3. Kamptee has a primary school in cantonment area named Cantonment Board Hindi Primary School.
  4. The Cantonment Board is a policy making body.
  5. The Cantonment Boards are Statutorily constituted corporate bodies.
  6. The scope of the Cantonment Board function extends to the entire gamut of municipal administration.
  7. The powers and functions of the Cantonment Board are synonymous to Municipal Committees in the cities.
  8. In Mhow Cantt Cantonment Board, Female Sex Ratio is of 862 against state average of 931.
  9. Post-Independence, the Secunderabad Cantonment Board came under the jurisdiction of the Indian Armed forces.
  10. All Cantonments Boards work under the administrative control of the Director General of Military Lands and Cantonments.
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