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  1. The "'Outerbridge Crossing "'is a cantilever bridge which spans the Arthur Kill.
  2. In June 1934 Bradfield's recommendation of a steel cantilever bridge was approved.
  3. It was replaced by the current steel cantilever bridge in 1963.
  4. Both of the Bi-State Vietnam Gold Star Bridges are cantilever bridges.
  5. The eastern span, to be replaced, is a lower, less dramatic cantilever bridge.
  6. Cantilever bridges need not connect rigidly mid-span, as the cantilever arms are self-supporting.
  7. The Commodore Barry Bridge is an example of this type of cantilever bridge.
  8. The cantilever bridge design was used, and construction proceeded for over two years.
  9. The proposed design used cantilever bridge structure to minimize disruption of the railroad.
  10. Is Little Belt Bridge ( 1935 ) a Cantilever bridge?
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