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  1. The newcomers slightly move their rigid legs and cannonball straight down.
  2. But cannonballs are one thing, important Old Master paintings another.
  3. Q : In the song " Wabash Cannonball,"
  4. Some of them end up doing cannonball dives into the vats.
  5. Madden playfully launches a cannonball over his neighbor's bow.
  6. In a game in 1970, Jim " Cannonball"
  7. The head-busting cannonball in " Glory ."
  8. xfdws CANNONBALL-TREE-' ODDITY'sked Emerging Markets Datafile
  9. The town has a small industrial section located along Cannonball Road.
  10. Cannonball Adderley heard Montgomery in an Indianapolis club and was floored.
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