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  1. Early drilling was done by wooden cable tool drilling rigs which pounded a hole into the ground.
  2. Baker International was formed by Reuben C . Baker, who developed a Casing shoe, that revolutionized cable tool drilling.
  3. Rotary drilling ( which has since replaced cable tool drilling ) and diamond coring made their appearance in Turner Valley in 1925.
  4. Drake learned of cable tool drilling from Chinese laborers in the U . S . The first primary product was kerosene for lamps and heaters.
  5. Unlike rotary drilling, cable tool drilling requires the drilling action to be stopped so that the bore hole can be bailed or emptied of drilled cuttings.
  6. Since cable tool drilling does not use air to eject the drilling chips like a rotary, instead using a cable strung bailer, technically there is no limitation on depth.
  7. Drilled wells are usually cased with a factory-made pipe, typically steel ( in air rotary or cable tool drilling ) or plastic / PVC ( in mud rotary wells, also present in wells drilled into solid rock ).
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