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  1. Goh Chok Tong has accepted my offer to pay by installments,
  2. Paying by installments means incurring interest charges, currently 9 percent.
  3. The ongoing massacres in Palestine today are massacres by installments,
  4. Slaves were able to pay for their freedom by installments.
  5. Jose paid from the Parish funds and by installments Fr.
  6. The encyclopedia was sold in bound volumes, with payment by installments.
  7. Serial books are also in the offing and will be priced by installment.
  8. Instead of bankrupting the Cardinals quickly, the Braves broke them by installment payments.
  9. The SDR is exercised on a tranche  by installment  basis of 25 percent per tranche.
  10. After negotiation the firm agreed to repay Bt600, 000 by installment into his account, he said.
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