burst through sentence in Hindi

"burst through" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Suddenly a messenger boy bursts through the door, waving a creased newspaper.
  2. Powell now drew out his knife and burst through Seward's bedroom door.
  3. Moments later, " Batigol " burst through to score the match winner.
  4. Ike and Beth then burst through the front door with the money.
  5. They have burst onto the scene like they burst through opposing defenses.
  6. Wild creepers burst through laterite banks and spill across the flooded roads.
  7. Prediction : a burst through the bubble into the field of 64.
  8. Nature always will burst through patterns of order to claim its own.
  9. That the excitement and tension in Birmingham fairly burst through the tube.
  10. Just as suddenly, the flames burst through the three floors, Lugo said.
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