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  1. "During bad weather, he'd come and stay at our bunk house ."
  2. In bad weather, he would stay in a neighbor's bunk house.
  3. The building was originally an 1880s bunk house for railroad workers.
  4. However, only main house, bunk house, and ice house have survived into the 21st century.
  5. An ADA accessible Bunk House may also be reserved.
  6. Housed there were a foreman and his family, and a bunk house which could sleep 4.
  7. The students sleep in the same bunk house and have to help each other on exercises.
  8. It was ferried to Lasham Airfield and used as a bunk house by the local Air Scouts until 1974.
  9. Those attending can also choose to rent a lodge by the lake, rent a cabin, or a bunk house.
  10. Sublette is an abandoned railroad section camp, consisting of a log bunk house, a section house, a siding, and other buildings.
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