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  1. Juanita, who is 14, arranges her teddy bears on her bunk bed.
  2. He spent that first frightening night sleeping on an Army-style bunk bed.
  3. We had the bunk beds unfolded so we could straighten our legs.
  4. She's finally fulfilled her childhood dream of sleeping in a bunk bed.
  5. He pulled the door flaps aside and looked at his bunk bed.
  6. "' bunk bed "'- The ancient Iroquoian longhouses housed several families together.
  7. They sleep in bunk beds, four, six or eight to a room.
  8. The tills are stacked like bunk beds, 9 to 10 feet high.
  9. "I've never been in a bunk bed so high, " he says.
  10. Instead, they would have slept on metal bunk beds in narrow dormitories.
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