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  1. The built form of Kandavara appears like a hat from the air.
  2. Sooner or later, that desire will express itself in built form.
  3. And perhaps designers can accelerate social change by representing progressive attitudes in built form.
  4. Osborne Village is a complex urban community with a rich heritage and diverse built forms.
  5. He built forms, similar to those used in pouring concrete, but only four feet high.
  6. His artworks reflect the style of his ancestors hand-built forms used for cooking and storage.
  7. The influences of its built form and bioclimatic ideas can be found in Yeang's later work.
  8. He sought to find ecologically benign ways to make this built form green and humane to inhabit.
  9. The building's built form has an organic geometry in Yeang's on-going explorations to derive an ecological aesthetic.
  10. The classical hull of the cutter, with straight bow and spoon shaped stern, was built form oak.
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