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  1. He was able to bring around many devotees from their Dvaita Vaishnava practices.
  2. The one issue that is crucial to bring around a resolution is dialogue.
  3. The guards would bring around petroleum baths to combat the plagues of fleas and lice.
  4. A campaign to bring around the rest of the public will now begin in earnest.
  5. His breeding-quality males bring around $ 5, 000 apiece.
  6. Christie's believes it could bring around $ 35 million.
  7. "Every six hours the ship's cook would bring around a pot of vegetable soup, then coffee,"
  8. "But if they can bring around critics of the Endangered Species Act, I'm all for it.
  9. If we talk about race relations, it may help bring around the people in the middle.
  10. He also estimated the new services would bring around 15, 000 additional U . S . passengers to Britain.
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