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  1. American musicians from the Temptations to Bruce Springsteen boycotted the resort.
  2. Many Democrats, angered by the tests, boycotted the speech.
  3. Businesses with connections to the church are boycotted and discriminated against.
  4. Syria and Lebanon have boycotted all three MENA summits to date.
  5. UNDATED : Consumers boycotted high-priced beef in the 1970s.
  6. They boycotted, and none of the teachers would teach me.
  7. In light of the lawsuit, Sony has boycotted the convention.
  8. Hayward has boycotted varieties of seafood he believes are being overfished.
  9. His supporters boycotted the federal elections in September that ousted Milosevic.
  10. Jewish religious leaders in Rome boycotted several interfaith meetings in protest.
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