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  1. The city kept its books balanced and Barry attracted bright, capable administrators.
  2. Otherwise, he's just trying to make the books balance.
  3. And now here we are again, back to a government that can't keep its books balanced.
  4. Chad, I noted, had an official Olympic bus driver's map book balanced on the steering wheel.
  5. If they are large, that signals that the city may be having trouble keeping its books balanced.
  6. Khlebnikov's audit showed that the books balanced to the ruble, with all income and disbursements accounted for.
  7. But the charter also requires him to be fiscally prudent, and to keep the city's books balanced.
  8. The books balance humor, romance and suspense.
  9. The group has often advocated a mix of tax increases and spending cuts to keep federal books balanced.
  10. Like Congress, none of the state legislatures are prepared to do the things necessary to make the books balance.
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