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  1. Banks, Lee argues, can help rejuvenate blighted areas and make a profit.
  2. [Alfred Street ] is now in what city-planners call a blighted area.
  3. Redevelopment agencies pass bonds and can buy and develop land in blighted areas.
  4. With these improvements, residents and businesses have been attracted to formerly blighted areas.
  5. But police in California have been imposing them in gang-blighted areas since about 1987.
  6. St . James Church stands on a hill in a blighted area of Newark.
  7. The result, he said, is that business people make fewer investments in blighted areas.
  8. Over the decades, Augusta's waterfront had became a blighted area.
  9. Centennial Park will enliven a blighted area of downtown.
  10. TIFs, or tax increment financing districts, were created to stimulate economic development in blighted areas.
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