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  1. Other terms for the bill include English bill, bill hook or bill-guisarme.
  2. One of the most powerful of them, " Crohoore of the Bill Hook ", was by Michael Banim.
  3. For 10 years, defense attorney Bill Hooks of Helena, Mont ., worked unsuccessfully to free Bromgard, challenging many aspects of his case, including the hair evidence.
  4. The English militia were equipped with " long pikes topped with a bill hook, and daggers, knives and clubs for close fighting ", as well as the Welsh longbow.
  5. Originally, a bloody bill hook cleaver ( as used by Rena ) was shown halfway through ( at timestamp 0 : 55 ) the opening; it was replaced with an image of a van from the series'fictional junk yard.
  6. Wagman played in the 2006 World Senior Championship at the age of 87, making him the second-oldest participant at the event; his score of 6 / 11 put him in a three-way tie ( with Bill Hook and Eduard Zelkind ) for the best performance among United States players.
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