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  1. "' Kathleen Alvarez "'is a bill clerk in the United States Senate.
  2. He was employed as a bill clerk for the railroad.
  3. Among other Senate floor staff who report to the secretary are the parliamentarian, bill clerk, and legislative clerk.
  4. Born in Superior, Wisconsin, Sheahan went to business school and worked as the chief bill clerk and cashier for the Northern Pacific Railway.
  5. The controversy shined the spotlight on a seemingly routine part of lawmaking in which bill clerks in either the House or Senate promptly prepare legislation for consideration in the other chamber.
  6. He continued to work on the staff of the state legislature in subsequent years, holding positions as assistant bill clerk, assistant chief clerk, and chief clerk of the Tennessee House of Representatives.
  7. Offices directly related to floor proceedings _ like those of the Parliamentarian and Bill Clerk _ should be excluded from the Federal Labor Relations Act because they support the Senate's constitutional functions and listen to confidential proceedings, he added.
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