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  1. A related bidentate ligand with a greater bite angle is spanphos.
  2. These catalysts feature mono-anionic bidentate ligands related to salen ligands.
  3. In such compounds, the heterocycle is a bidentate ligand.
  4. This bidentate ligand chelates metals via the two phosphine groups.
  5. Diars is a bidentate ligand used in coordination chemistry.
  6. Deprotonation of HNacNac compounds affords anionic bidentate ligands that form a variety of coordination complexes.
  7. It is used as a bidentate ligand and is noteworthy for having a particularly wide bite angle.
  8. If the carbene is part of a bidentate ligand with a forced geometry, the MIC complex may form preferentially as well.
  9. Having three bidentate ligands of only one type gives a propeller-type structure, with two different enantiomers denoted ? and ?.
  10. The aldehyde functional group is subject to nucleophilic attack, specifically by amines to form Schiff bases, which serve as bidentate ligands.
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