bear down on sentence in Hindi

"bear down on" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Finally, the worst hurricane in half a century bears down on Miami.
  2. Hayes was off with the punt, trying to bear down on Sanders.
  3. Most recently, Dole has expressed a determination to bear down on the president.
  4. However, when Cimon continued to bear down on the Persians, they accepted battle.
  5. However on emerging from the other side, a firestorm bears down on them.
  6. LOAD : A weight that bears down on a structural member.
  7. Meanwhile, a formidable storm system will bear down on the Pacific Northwest later Friday.
  8. WB at 9 : Parents'Weekend bears down on the school.
  9. What would happen should a hurricane bear down on Guantanamo?
  10. Hurricane Edouard will begin to bear down on the Middle Atlantic Coast on Sunday.
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