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  1. Smaller floods also occurred along Elk Creek and Bear Butte Creek.
  2. Lone Horn died near Bear Butte in 1877 from old age.
  3. Another of the sacred sites Iron Eyes has drawn attention to is Bear Butte.
  4. The bear came to rest east of the Black Hills at what is now Bear Butte.
  5. Official park policy advises visitors to Bear Butte to respect worshipers and to leave religious offerings undisturbed.
  6. By the mid-1950s Ezra Bovee was attempting to stir up interest in making Bear Butte a national park.
  7. A bust and plaque in front of the education center at Bear Butte State Park honor Fools Crow s efforts.
  8. In 2011, the National Trust for Historic Preservation included Bear Butte on its list of the 11 Most Endangered Places.
  9. Outside politics Vig constructed his own campground along Bear Butte Creek, located six miles south of Deadwood, South Dakota.
  10. Frank Fools Crow, the Lakota ceremonial chief ( d . 1989 ), made pilgrimages to Bear Butte throughout his lifetime.
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