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  1. His barrier field is shaped like a cube.
  2. The barrier field effectively creates an alternate plane or dimension resembling the area of the material plane which the Spirit Shield was created to protect.
  3. However in some past work, failure to make a clear distinction between barrier field " F " and macroscopic field " F"
  4. In particular, the power of barrier field appearing in the pre-exponential may be different from the original Fowler-Nordheim value " 2 ".
  5. When the barrier field " F " is high enough for the CFE regime to be operating for metal emission at 0 K, then the condition " k"
  6. In 1944 she was a member of The Sturt Memorial Committee of the Barrier Field Naturalists'Club, contributing botanical artwork and editorial material for their commemoration booklet, " Sturt 1844-1944 ".
  7. For CFE, basic theoretical treatments provide a relationship between the local emission current density " J " and the local barrier field " F ", at a local position on the emitting surface.
  8. "Acacia decurrens " ( Black wattle ), " Acacia oxycedrus " 1922 In 1920 while Gostelow was in Broken Hill, the Barrier Field Naturalists Club held a wildflower show in the technical college.
  9. The emission regimes for metals are, in practice, defined, by the ranges of barrier field " F " and temperature " T " for which a given family of emission equations is mathematically adequate.
  10. As the barrier fields created by the Dragons of Heaven, the Spirit Shields are fields of varying geometrical shape ( depending on which of the Dragons of Heaven has created the Spirit Shield ) which only those involved with the end of the world can exist within.
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