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  1. Protesters have also blown up bank cash machines and electricity substations.
  2. Major banks cash traveler's checks for little or no charge.
  3. HongKong Bank cash, short-term deposits doubled, NEW STRAITS TIMES
  4. Extremists have targeted hotels, restaurants, bank cash machines and other sites.
  5. The only machines still working were personal bank cash cards and filling station automats.
  6. Devaluation and continuing government limits on bank cash withdrawals have kept social tensions boiling.
  7. The political violence also has included blowing up bank cash machines and electrical power stations.
  8. Spy magazine once said Canadians are so polite they thank their bank cash-dispensing machines.
  9. The PGA Tour calls it unofficial money, yet the banks cash the checks just the same.
  10. But when he loses the safety deposit key to the box where he has stashed the stolen bank cash.
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