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  1. Strong efforts must be made to erase these debts from bank balance sheets,
  2. Then started the great bank balance sheet clean up.
  3. This is the figure from the commercial banks balance sheets for the end of 1994,
  4. High interest rates and continued depreciation of the baht have further impaired corporate and bank balance sheets.
  5. Japanese stocks rose for a fourth day following ruling Liberal Democratic Party proposals to strengthen bank balance sheets.
  6. Currently, 26 lenders are affected by the Osaka tax, though that number can change depending on bank balance sheets.
  7. The slump has depreciated currencies and slashed prices on share markets, shrunk economies and weakened bank balance sheets, the report said.
  8. "We must get rid of bad loans from bank balance sheets to restore trust in the financial system, " he said.
  9. They may be required to include any forward positions on central bank balance sheets because they're not reserves anymore, but obligations.
  10. Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann also voiced opposition against helicopter money, arguing it would " tear gaping holes in central bank balance sheets.
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