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  1. ESA announced in June 2006 the discovery of aurorae on Mars.
  2. Electromagnetic ( EM ) fields affect the motion of aurorae ).
  3. The main ovals are the dominant part of the Jovian aurorae.
  4. Six million people were aurorae as far south as Texas.
  5. During the polar night, a lot of aurorae can be observed.
  6. Aurorae have been observed on Jupiter and its moon Ganymede.
  7. Terrestrial aurorae are not improbably excited by charged particles emitted by the Sun.
  8. These include : aurorae as far south as Texas.
  9. In some circumstances, bioluminescence, aurorae, and lightning can provide some illumination.
  10. J . F . Heard calls St�rmer " the acknowledged authority " on aurorae.
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