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  1. For the Canadiens to remain economically au courant, there was no choice.
  2. He's not trying to impress us with how au courant he is.
  3. I mistakenly assumed she meant " up to date, au courant ."
  4. "Only a terribly au courant place would do, " writes McNally.
  5. Or " Is he au courant, with-it, where it's at ?"
  6. Lunching with a legislator from the other party is au courant.
  7. Author Bruce Wagner looked au courant in his bookish sports coat.
  8. One can hardly fault him for wishing to stay au courant.
  9. As opposed to trolling the mall for the trend au courant.
  10. He was very au courant; he took an interest in politics.
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