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  1. Rick McCrabb is assistant editor at The Journal ( Middletown, Ohio ).
  2. Sinclair appeared in the publication as an assistant editor in March 1962.
  3. He has served as assistant editor on multiple projects for Airship 27.
  4. Rhee Beyoung Gyu, senior assistant editor, political department, The Hankook Ilbo, Seoul.
  5. Susan Williamson is assistant editor at Today's Life Science in Sydney, Australia.
  6. Pierce was involved in the production and worked as an assistant editor.
  7. He continued to contribute to Puck and became assistant editor in 1892.
  8. He was also the assistant editor on the film with Dena Roth.
  9. From 1970 until his death he was a senior assistant editor there.
  10. He was Assistant Editor of Andhra Bhoomi till his retirement in 1988.
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