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  1. He served as the 31st Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.
  2. Kolesov then was on duty with the assistant commandant of Dzerzhinsk.
  3. He became assistant commandant of the Field Artillery School at Fort Sill.
  4. On 3 January 1923 he became assistant commandant of the school again.
  5. Captain Dinkins became the new Assistant Commandant with a promotion to Major.
  6. He became Assistant Commandant of the Coast Guard in 1970.
  7. He has served as Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps since 2016.
  8. Brownson returned to the Naval Academy in 1878 as Assistant Commandant of Cadets.
  9. In recent decades, the Assistant Commandant has frequently been a Marine aviator.
  10. In 1941, Zhadanov became the Assistant Commandant of the Syzransk Tank School.
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