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  1. Assimilative capacity specifically refers to the capacity for a water body to absorb constituents without exceeding a specific concentration, such as a water quality objective.
  2. Assimilative capacity is a quantitatively useful concept codified in the Clean Water Act and other laws and regulations that is unrelated to the perception of an environmental crisis.
  3. They also tend to be less expensive than advanced wastewater treatment plants, using the natural assimilative capacity of the sea instead of energy-intensive treatment processes in a plant.
  4. "' Ecological debt "'is the level of resource consumption and waste discharge by a population " in excess " of locally sustainable natural production and assimilative capacity.
  5. Population growth, because it can place increased pressure on the assimilative capacity of the environment, is also seen as a major cause of air, water, and solid-waste pollution.
  6. This does not mean that environmental standards will be equal everywhere, as jurisdictions have different assimilative capacities, costs of abatement, and social attitudes regarding the environment, meaning heterogeneity in pollution standards is to be expected.
  7. Herman Daly has suggested three broad criteria for ecological sustainability : renewable resources should provide a sustainable yield ( the rate of harvest should not exceed the rate of regeneration ); for non-renewable resources there should be equivalent development of renewable substitutes; waste generation should not exceed the assimilative capacity of the environment.
  8. Performance requirements can be expressed as numeric criteria ( e . g ., pollutant concentration or mass loading limits ) or narrative criteria ( e . g ., no odors or visible sheen ) and are based on the assimilative capacity of regional ground water or surface waters, water quality objectives, and public health goals.
  9. Water quality objectives are set and periodically revised by regulatory agencies, such as the EPA, to define the limits of water quality for different uses, which include human health, but also other ecologically important functions, wildlife habitat, irrigated agriculture, etc . For example, if the irrigation water quality objective for salt is 450 mg / L of total dissolved solids, the assimilative capacity of a water body would be the amount of salt that could be added to the water such that it's concentration would not exceed 450 mg / L.
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