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  1. The municipal assessment rolls show many residents in the neighbourhood employed by the ropewalk factory.
  2. Documents include assessment rolls, census records, city directories, church registers, naturalization records, newspapers, and wills.
  3. York assessment rolls for 1834 list only a lot in town with no buildings or other property.
  4. The value of the transferred property is the taxable value on the assessment rolls just before the date of transfer.
  5. The assessment roll for 1858 shows John McConnon leasing near the Prosser River and in 1861 he was leasing from the Crown at Prosser River.
  6. As well, the judges of the Court of Qu�bec have jurisdiction to decide actions for payment of municipal or school taxes and to annul or reverse municipal or school board assessment rolls.
  7. The large numbers of individuals in Kent and Sussex who claimed exemption as'barons'of the Cinque Ports are listed in the assessment rolls for those counties . . . ( pp . xxix, xxxi, xxxiv)
  8. The Los Angeles County Assessor is the assessor responsible for discovering all taxable property in Los Angeles County except for state-assessed property and inventorying and listing all the taxable property, valuing the property, and enrolling the property on the local assessment roll.
  9. Russ Wyatt, a member of Katz's cabinet, expressed concern that Riverside Management did not provide any payments to the city from 2001 to 2004 because its land did not officially appear on assessment rolls, and called for the parking lot controversy to be referred to an outside lawyer.
  10. However, if the agency desires to preserve any authority it may have to record or enforce a lien on the parcel to which a property-related service is provided, the agency must also mail notice to the record owner s address shown on the last equalized assessment roll if that address is different than the billing or service address.
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