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  1. One species, " Ascaris lumbricoides ", affects humans and causes the disease ascariasis.
  2. Hepatolithiasis is associated with Clonorchis sinensis and Ascaris lumbricoides infestation of the liver.
  3. "Ascaris lumbricoides " eggs are extremely resistant to strong chemicals, desiccation, and low temperatures.
  4. The most abundant macroparasite in humans is the nematode " Ascaris lumbricoides " which causes an infection called ascariasis.
  5. He was the first to demonstrate the direct life cycle of the roundworm " Ascaris lumbricoides " by self-experimentation.
  6. Image showing life cycle inside and outside of the human body of one fairly typical and well described helminth : Ascaris lumbricoides
  7. Seventy years ago, he says, 40 per cent of American children had worms such as Ascaris lumbricoides, which grow up to 20 centimeters long.
  8. The first crucial step in understanding the life cycle of the roundworm " Ascaris lumbricoides " was demonstrated by Grassi in a grotesque self-experimentation.
  9. She continued in Bristol, gaining a PhD exploring the function of muscle in the tapeworm ( " Ascaris lumbricoides " ), under the supervision of Peter Caldwell.
  10. Hookworms have been linked to reduced risk of developing asthma, while " Ascaris lumbricoides " ( roundworm infection ) was associated with an " increased " risk of asthma.
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