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  1. Avoid any booth where the cook wears a welder's mask and asbestos gloves.
  2. Some demonstrators, wearing special asbestos gloves, hurled the burning shells back at police.
  3. If you play with fire without asbestos gloves long enough, you're going to get burned.
  4. I have to wear asbestos gloves just to touch the steering wheel of my car.
  5. They green-light embarrassing, exploitative, inexpensive prime-time specials that their forebears wouldn't have touched with asbestos gloves.
  6. The three-man crew that served the weapons was also issued asbestos gloves to use when changing the barrel.
  7. The machine gun crew member responsible for a hot barrel change was issued protective asbestos gloves to prevent getting burned.
  8. Every time I say it I feel as if I'm handling my love with asbestos gloves, antiseptically interpreting my life for the homo-impaired.
  9. A book to handle with asbestos gloves, but well worth the walk through fire .  Lambda Award-winner Rebecca Brown called it  an incredibly powerful book . 
  10. The gunner was thus forced to come out of his prone supported firing position, retract the bipod, lay the entire weapon on the ground and don a large asbestos glove before he could even begin to handle the red-hot barrel to remove it.
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