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  1. The building exists in an area of situated at the western bank of the river Ganges covered by of appertained land.
  2. The rights which appertained to them as citizens of those respective commonwealths, accompanied them in the formation of the great, compound commonwealth which ensued.
  3. According to this recipe of the human fat appertained to be mixed with 10 litres ( 2.2 US gal ) of water and 500 to 1000 grams of the caustic soda.
  4. Significant holders of the village were Brci family from N�sil? Sto iv family from Kounice, B�tovat?family from B�tov . Litultovice appertained to the Moravian enclave in Silesia, to the Olomouc archbishopric.
  5. The town of Recklinghausen including the parish of Recklinghausen and the filial parishes Ahsen, Datteln, Flaesheim, Hamm-Bossendorf, Henrichenburg, Herten, Horneburg, Oer, Suderwich, Waltrop and Westerholt appertained to the eastern part of the Vest Recklinghausen.
  6. The Judge rejected the claim that the right appertained to number 56 under Law of Property Act 1925, section 62 ( 2 ) because there was no evidence the path was used for gaining access to the back garden at the time of the conveyance.
  7. After Napoleon's Act of Mediation ( 19 February 1803 ) the administration of the canton of Z�rich was rearranged again, and Opfikon and Oberhusen were united into a commune named Opfikon, which appertained now to the likewise new-formed district of B�lach.
  8. Proceeding from the right, proclaimed by the RSFSR, of all peoples to free self-determination up to and including separation from the State of which they constitute a part, Russia unreservedly recognizes the independence and sovereignty of the Georgian State and voluntarily renounces all the sovereign rights which had appertained to Russia with regard to the People and Territory of Georgia.
  9. The British Government is willing likewise to return the territories of Terai lying between the Rivers Gandak and Rapti, that is to say, from the River Gandak to the western limits of the Jilla of Gorakhpur, together with Butwal and Sheeraj, such as appertained to Nepal previous to the disagreements, complete, with the exception of the disputed places in the Terai, and such quantity of ground as may be considered mutually to be requisite for the new boundary.
  10. With a view to gratify the Rajah in a point which he has much at heart, the British Government is willing to return the territories of Terai ceded to it by the Rajah in the Treaty, to wit, the whole Terai lands lying between the Rivers Kushwaha and Gandak, such as appertained to the Rajah before the late disagreement; excepting the disputed lands in the Jillas of Tirhoot and Sarun, and excepting such portions of territory as may occur on both sides for the purpose of settling a frontier, upon investigation by the respective Commissioners; and excepting such lands as may have been given in possession to any one by the British Government upon ascertainment of his rights subsequent to the cession of Terai to the Government.
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