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  1. People I knew were getting answers back, and I was still waiting,
  2. They utilized her for an answer back to outbid Roxanne Shante's track.
  3. I got no answer back then and am hoping for one now.
  4. Since there is no cease-fire, if provoked, our troops will answer back.
  5. Others answer back and make a positive of a loss like this.
  6. When you get benched, you want to answer back in the next game.
  7. The answer back was later merged with the original to create a remix.
  8. Upbeat Arnold answers back, " What's wrong with old things ?"
  9. Pooch tries to answer back by placing an overinflated football in his shirt.
  10. They answer back more readily, they withstand parental authority more effectively.
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